Sunday, 12 February 2012

computer attack! and a full day

The laptop has been attacked! I've been saying for ages PLEASE can we get Linux on here, the same as on your main computer....

It will be when it get sorted....and when I get my own laptop computer soon, that will be Linuxed too!!

Until then I'm back on The Carpenter's computer, as and when!!

Today has been mainly ironing and washing and baking. Bread and cake, pudding and savoury too.
It has turned warmer again, and damp, so that when The Carpenter went out on his mountain bike for an hour or so, he came back VERY muddy!! Further up the mountain it was still icy, so he went easy and cut out some sections of the trail.

My baking didn't stop The Oily One getting a sliced loaf of bread when he eventually went least it was instore bakery bread, not packet sliced "bread".

Eighteen small mugs have dried enough to be stacked in the mushroom trays. A dozen each of belly, straight and flared medium mugs have been fettled, stamped and wrapped individually, and the clay almost dried enough to pull handles. Seven salt pots have been wrapped , I don't want them drying out too much!! I was supposed to have been finishing all those today, somehow I run out of "me".


The Barefoot Crofter said...

What a nice fulfilling day. Not sure what linuxed means, but I'm sure i should get it done too :)

My Grama's Soul said... dear lady.



Mouse said...

Your computer has been attacked?
Can I help?
(Mouse to the rescue)

I am wondering, have you ever made pottery mushrooms? I think they would be rather nice? What do you think? I could provide pics for inspiration........

red dirt girl said...

happy valentine's day <3

gz said...

Mouse, I'm leaving the Malware sorting to the Wizzard and The Carpenter! One to instruct and the other to do...although if they don't hurry up....!!

Crofter, Linuxed means using Linux Ubuntu system instead of window s !! It is shareware (so free) and although it has its problems, as does any system, it seems to be Malware free, uses half the amount of computer brain to work, loads quickly....

Mouse said...

ok, well, if you need me...

Yes, Linux is safer but no op system is entirely free of malware, if enough people switch then so will the Bad Guys. I use it at work though for my 'clean systems' so that shows how much safer it is

been having my own issues with Nasties in cyberspace recently, can you hear me sighing deeply?

gz said...

Mouse, nasties causing Blogrest? Or too many nasties at work so YOU need a rest?

To quote the Wizzard "I'll be happier when you're on Linux again, it's a very rare target, so the bad stuff creators don't bother, no return on investment. Also, you'd be using an unprivileged account so you wouldn't even be able to let it make changes to your computer!"

Right. I think the Wizzard will be making sure I don't inadvertently click on anything!!