Thursday, 23 February 2012

Twmbarlwm meeting

Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society held a public meeting last night.
We held it in the largest room in Crosskeys Rugby Club and it was reasonably full.

Present were CTS society members, at least half a dozen Commoners, local police (including the officer who is now the direct link for matters on the Mountain) councillors from the main two councils in the area, the landowners' representative, Ancient Cwmbran Society members, Environment Agency....and most important, more local people.

Add to this a representative from the group that is making a difference to the area from Blaenafon across the Commons of the Heads of the Valleys, stopping offroad damage, dealing with flytipping and raising the awareness of their locals to the value of what is there.

So much talk about the problems we have AND what has begun to be done by all parties.

We need to find out exactly what is there too- Gwent is the only county without a proper archaeological survey. Yet as a border area for millenia it is stuffed full of evidence!! One excuse has been the industrial development of the area. Now that itself is archaeology.
Look at the remains of quarries and mines and farming on the mountain, all fast being lost.
We are at the point too of losing the people who can give eye-witness accounts of all this.

So, much to do and heartening to see action.


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Anonymous said...

What is flytipping? Is this a historical society?

gz said...

flytipping is the dumping of rubbish, more than just litter (and there is too much of that already)
People do it to avoid paying for a skip or to avoid paying to take rubbish to the proper place (ie builders rubbish)

gz said...

CTS is a society for Twmbarlwm now- so that we still will have it in the future