Saturday, 4 February 2012

snowy farmers' market

Not the most in focus shot, but this was the view as I reached the car this morning just after 8am...
By 8.30 I was in Cwm y Glyn, starting to drop down towards Pontypool, and the snow started, small dry flakes settling on the be-rimed skeletal trees.
As I neared Usk Farmers Market I was this still a good idea?

It was cooold!!! For some reason the hall heating was not on, so it felt colder in than out! The hall kitchen and the stalls selling hot food were busy! Which is more than many of the rest of us were. (about twenty stalls indoors and only five brave souls outside)
What was missing were most of the younger and middle-aged elements of our usual clientele. The old 'uns were out as usual, no stopping them! Needless to say I didn't cover costs, but again The Court Cupboard has been given much publicity, so hopefully we'll get business there. One woman wanted something similar to that she had seen on my website. I didn't have anything near enough to that today, but she'll go to the gallery to get what she wants.

I did see an old friend, J, who makes cider and patchwork! It was good to catch up on our news and renew friendship. I seem to remember that I have half a box of interesting fabric for her in my stash. It has been there since 2008, waiting for her!!

My brother and another friend helped me pack up, then we went to Usk Garden Centre in Llanbadoc for lunch and to warm up! They stock many Welsh varieties of fruit trees, but I wasn't going to browse around them in the snow. I'll be back when the weather improves, to say Hello to The Cat (aka The Boss) and to talk to people who aren't just working there, they know and love growing things.

Home before three, then unload with the help of the Carpenter and the Wizzard (here for the weekend) and then try to find somewhere off the main village street to park. Not a good idea!! I ended up sliding part of the wrong way down a short hill back to the main street...and luckily the gap I'd left was still there. I'd forgotten that the only roads that get cleared are the bus routes.


Kath said...

wow that beautiful pink sky!

Hawthorn said...

Gz- I have just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award - xk


Your mountains look beautiful in their snowy white blankets. Hope you've warmed up by now! x Cathy

Mark said...

So you were in Usk after all, not Abergavenny. It's a very good market there I always think - used to live just opposite, by the prison (not in it!)

Anonymous said...

How nice that a town the size of Usk has such a thriving, year-round Farmers' Market, even if the weather may have discouraged clientele.

gz said...

beautiful sky, but a warning of the impending snow.
Thankyou Hawthorn!

It is surprising that Usk farmers market survives, with only a population of 2000