Thursday, 2 February 2012

still chilly

It is still chilly and although actually colder than yesterday it feels warmer. This is due to less wind, so a lower chill-factor. The sky is a hard clear blue, with a few fluffy clouds just starting to appear. The forecast is for even colder tonight.

More office work today- I've weighed twenty pots with packaging, now to work out the postage and packing costs to add.
I've posted two mugs on Etsy, the others will get "drip fed" onto the shop.

I've just had a tenmoku glazed milk jug added to a treasury too. High time I learnt to do this myself, but computer time detracts from making . Although this cold weather gives me a chance to do more 'admin', there is a limit to how much I can stand doing! I'm envious of the makers who have partners willing to do this. If nothing else I'd get to drink my coffee whilst it was hot!!

I'll draw and list the shapes and glazes I'll be making for the different shops and galleries in North Wales, today, keeping the 2D work going and co-ordinating eye, hand and brain. That will be proof of design work too, if I apply for membership to other associations or galleries.

Now to make lunch and then the drying clay should be ready to knead and re-bag.

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Kerry O'Gorman said...

It's easy to get 'lost' on etsy and the computer world but good that people are taking notice of your work. I learned that if you add items slowly then your shop is visited more often than if you drop down a whole pile of things at once.
Stay warm...we are back to our usual mild, grey and damp's fine. There's even a few buds on some of the early flowering shrubs!