Saturday, 11 February 2012

cold morning

It is still a bit white up there...and the worshop roof is nearly de-frosted down here. (400 ft above sea level). It is so beautifully clear and sunny after a hard cold night last night and it is only above freezing in the sunshine.

To quote the Met Office,

"Coldest night of the winter so far

Temperatures last night fell widely below minus 10 degrees Celsius across parts of southern and eastern England with Holbeach in Lincolnshire recording a minimum -15.6C, making it the coldest night of the winter so far and also since Boxing Day 2010. Issued at 0900 on Sat 11 Feb 2012. "

Washing up done and kept, cat fed, clothes mostly dried and distributed to their owners, kitchen tidied.

The first ten balls of clay are weighed and ready, just finish my mug of coffee and "we're ready to roll" !!


Chris said...


Even the inside of the car was covered in frost this morning.

smartcat said...


gz said...

Chris, you WILL keep on breathing in the car..!! I try and park mine where the morning sun will defrost it!!

Michèle Hastings said...

i hope your throwing water is nice and warm.

Mouse said...

I woke to a thick layer of ice on the inside of the bedroom window, little wonder one of the cats was snuggling under my duvet

barefoot mama said...

Oh wow, that is really cold....brrr