Monday, 27 February 2012

full day

I was busy making sheep heads to start today. It feels good to get a rhythm going in the making, and to hear a blackbird shouting for all he is worth just outside!

Back home via yet more food shopping- at least it wont be wasted! Then after a hunt for the "making list" for the gallery shop in Conwy I set to, armed with a mug of tea!

Three wareboards full of jugs and bowls later...and nearly seven pm...the attempt at a larger vase failed. The clay was a little too soft and I was a little too tired!! I need to make two larger vases, at least two larger bowls and two more platters with writing on. Thankfully the weather looks to be warming up a little so drying them should be less of a problem.

I've even left the fresh pots in the workshop as I don't think it will freeze tonight.

Supper was good tonight- I made the omelettes, The Carpenter served the salad, and homemade bread with butter to fill the gaps. A meal shared in the making and the eating.


Cro Magnon said...

Well, the end of the day sounded just perfect.

Still a wee bit frosty here in the mornings, but up to 18 mid-afternoon.

Bella said...

I can feel spring just round the corner. There are many little fat buds appearing on the plum tree so it won't be long.

Anonymous said...

Another productive day. Weather is really warming up here. Our early rains may mean the bluebonnets may bloom in Texas -- at least I'm hoping...