Tuesday, 21 August 2018

brief visit

Our friends' visit was far too brief, but they have spent much time in Ireland researching their mother's forebears...MacDonalds...and they hope to return next year!
They arrived at 11.30 am on Sunday and left at 11.30am today..we stay with one sister and her husband in Whanganui...and they stayed with a friend of ours here.
Her sister and husband stayed near central Ayr and had two days leisurely wandering and resting.

We showed our friends where we've lived around here, where we married, and places they'd heard about..great to spend two days in their company.
We showed them buildings, narrated history and talked and talked....

Hopefully we'll see them next visit to NZ...but we'll have to find new places to stay as they'll be downsizing as soon as they can-funding their next travels!

We're tired out...but happy...I've been nursing a sore throat for a couple of weeks...now its taking over!!  Doctor's surgery visit tomorrow.....


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Catalyst said...

Ah, the inevitable doctor's visit after the friends' visit. I know it well. It's good but exhausting to have visitors when one is unused to company. Rest well, GZ, this too shall pass.