Saturday, 18 August 2018

camera fail and friends visiting

This is the last image I've been able to get off the memory card...and that only showed up via the computer,not the camera.

I too kit to the local good camera shop and we tried all ways to diagnose the problem. It appears that its the camera not talking to the sd card or its own internal memory.
Luckily there is a specialist camera repair shop in Hope Street in Glasgow. Five minutes walk from the bus station,or half an hour from the velodrome.

Meanwhile I'm back to film camera. I bought a secondhand working OM10 last year.

This has to happen when we have friends visiting!

The first ones stayed here overnight, and we were hoping for a ride together before they left.  The weather was decidedly wet, so we visited a gallery and had hot drinks  and cakes.


Avus said...

I still a number of good film cameras, which were made practically worthless overnight with the introduction of the digi-camera revolution. Looking back, what a palaver to take a shot, wait until the film was full, send to a processor and wait for the results to come back - often many were no good either. Now I take a shot on the digital, link to "Paint Shop Pro" on the PC and turn out exactly what I need. Nowadays the camera really does lie!

gz said...

Avus I might re-invest in black and white developing gear...I already have plenty of film...

Catalyst said...

Cameras of all types can drive you crazy. Good luck.

Sandy Miller said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with technology! Yes on the black and white! I still love the contrasts of black and white........ and yes to cakes and drinks and a gallery hop or two :)