Monday 6 February 2023

Masters games..and youngsters

 We rode out to the hillclimb on, we didn't ride up The hill at is a very hard and unforgiving beast!! After that we rode back into town, to catch the Waka Ama...Māori canoes with an outrigger that are paddled not rowed.  It is fun to do..we were lucky to join in a crew during the Masters here in 2013, not for a race, just a "taster" paddle. 

We caught the last sprint paddle..with so much going on this week, different sports clash!

Plus we were the wrong side of the river!!

Never mind..

The mountain biking was too far away, but in the afternoon we walked to Kowhai park on our side of the river to watch the Awa ("river") cross for young riders..from balance bikes up to 15!! Followed by the Masters, won by a 71 year old...who was second in the World Masters cyclocross last year, held in Ipswich in England.

Fun for all the family!!

Today we went to watch the road race, based on a circuit starting in Brunswick...they have a down then uphill on the course. We watched from the top of the hill...of course!

It was a hot and windy day after another wet night..but thankfully stayed dry for the whole day.

And that doesn't show the bottom half of the hill!!

Many thanks go to the Marshall's directing the riders...out there from 9am until about 1 pm, with four races to Marshall!

Riders of all ages...up to 81 years old today, both the men and women...and all sizes..good to see riders suited for other cycling disciplines still having a go.

Everyone has their own race within the five year age categories of course!


The Weaver of Grass said...

It all looks such fun.

smartcat said...


Red said...

Seems like lots of great cycling activity in New Zealand. I cycled until the day I was 80.

Allison said...

It's so good to see the kids out there. We started mountain biking pretty late in life, which made us too aware of our mortality.

Joanne Noragon said...

It looks like great fun,

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

So good to see the youngsters out on bikes. I was wondering only yesterday whether the percentage of those who could ride a bike had decreased from when I was at primary school - it can't have increased; every one of us could ride a bike.