Sunday, 25 March 2018

Along the coast

 Just the thing to have by your back gate...until the trees grew...
 peeking through..and over the golf links
 Sustrans Route 7 on the left. Railway from Glasgow through Kilwinning or Kilmarnock to Ayr, Girvan and Stranraer
 I followed route 7 to the edge of Troon,then bypassed Troon and Barassie on a local cycle route. A short hop by road to Loans then back by lanes ,past a rugby club with people playing boules in the sunshine.
Past the wind vane (top photo) and back to Route 7 for the return to Prestwick Sailing Club and the car.
 and the clouds..
 and good views of the snow on Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran and back north up the coast.
 In the car...and the rain came.
Travelling the first 10 miles by car avoids main roads and heavy traffic.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...


Susan Heather said...


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for descriptions of the places you captured. Glad the rain waited till you were in the car!

Peter said...

Is that a stone rocket by the gate! :-) I love the vast expanse of cloudy sky in the 5th photo, and the way it graduates from dark to light over the moody coastal landscape.

Jenny Woolf said...

Cycling is no fun in traffic. I really don't know why anyone does it when they have a choice. Although it is a bit of a thrill to cycle right from your door and get somewhere completely different ... of course it is different for me, here in London, anyway. We mainly take routes through parks. That first picture is interesting - is it an old chimney?

gz said...

The stone tower is just that...topped with a wind vane.