Thursday, 8 March 2018

storecupboard filling..and musing on blogging

The last batch of Seville oranges have gone to make a batch of dark marmalade made with Muscovado sugar.

I'm wondering if I should have a separate,but linked,blog for work, be it prints,cards or pots......


Fresca said...

Would a separate blog for work be a good BUSINESS idea? (I truly don't know.)

Personally, as a blog reader I love reading blogs like yours that mix up work with nonwork life. And of course they intersect---For instance, I can see in your photos some of the inspiration for your prints, see Pirate working on your kiln shed, etc.
Your choice, of course!

I just read a modern obituary in the New York Times of who started the first women's cycling association (in England), and I thought of you--maybe you already know her? I didn't.
Lillias Campbell Davidson (1853-1934)

An excerpt:

"Davidson started riding in the early 1880s, when she was in her late 20s, and quickly styled herself as an advocate and expert.
Women cyclists were viewed as so improper in her neighborhood in the south of England that she rode in the early morning, when the streets were empty; she once turned down a side street to avoid being spied riding by the town vicar.

"Soon, Davidson was publicly advocating for women to join her, in ladies’ columns for the Scottish Cyclist and the Cyclists’ Touring Club Gazette. . . . In 1896, she published her collected wisdom in the “Handbook for Lady Cyclists.”"

Susan Heather said...

That looks pretty fine marmalade.

Peter said...

Regards having a separate, but linked, blog for work. I tried something like that right at the beginning of my blogging, and had a blog for Laura's paintings, one for the Old Post Office where we live and work, and one for my pottery... I found it just sucked up too much of my time, and also people got "stuck" on one or other of the blogs without discovering the other ones. I have found that it has been easier for me to add pages that people can access from tabs at the top of the main blog page. I keep meaning to add a frequently updated "exhibition" page of new pots that are available at our gallery... but still haven't got round to it!

smartcat said...

I agree with Peter. I am guilty of landing on one page and forgetting to click on the others.
I badly need to update my own blog, have not gotten that far!
Those ‘round tuits’ will get you every time.! 🤭

Barbara Rogers said...

I've designated a separate blog for different subjects at times in the last 10 years of blogging. One seems to work for me, the genealogy type...but a pottery only one was a bit I keep my life going together with it. For a year while I was trapsing around the mountains I did a separate one for scenes of beauty around me. I know I enjoy going to those kinds of blogs which others do, but my choice is to read about the potters as well as their work. We potters are a friendly community.

Joanne Noragon said...

I love reading it all, and all the bits and pieces of it.

PotterMiller said...

I don’t really live a separate life from my creative endeavors so why would I have separate blog? It is the living that creates the life..... at least for me! I love seeing you slice of life and the marmalade looks delish!