Tuesday, 6 March 2018

doing the work

Selling is more work than you expect.
 Photographing, packing, composing the listing on Etsy, sharing that on fb and blog....At least once the paperwork is done and you get a sale,all you have to do is post it.

I'd rather sell locally, but there are no outlets suitable near here. There are craft markets and farmers markets..I should investigate these further, perhaps.

I do have memories of freezing markets with little sales so I don't feel too positive !!

I've made a start on the list,which is the main part of the job!


Wood Fairy said...


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I think the work involved in selling is about the same really ... we had a book shop for years and some customers could be very time-consuming! One woman would come in at least once a week, plonk herself down and begin,"No one knows how hard it is ....".
But it must be wonderful when someone finds you on Etsy and becomes a repeat buyer.

PotterMiller said...

it does boggle the mind how much work goes into selling stuff after all the work went into making it!
love the pigs!

gz said...

Oh yes,S&S....I've worked in bookshops...but being to talk books and literature to customers...didn't matter who they were, the subject was the important thing.
Two I remember well, Jools Holland and Edmund Blishen...exhilarating and inspiring.
Yes,a repeat buyer is good..and you hope their friends see your work,and perhaps willbuy too