Wednesday, 21 March 2018

starting ebay..

Real wood frames I think, so the cost of postage anywhere but the UK is more than the items !!

I'm still looking for the pattern id and dates for the creamer and gravy boat I want to list..more work for tonight.

I wont be bored or at a loss while the Pirate is away...I'll be too busy!!


Fresca said...

Those cats are cute.
Good job not getting the glass reflection--I had a hard time photographing shiny/reflective things.

I shipped something to England and the postage was as much as the item--it was unique (1936 sugar sack with printed doll pattern), so the buyer was happy to pay it...

gz said...

I always use natural light for photographs of my work, so I did the same for these. It means I'm more likely to get a proper reproduction of the colours as well as less problems with reflections