Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Or should it be equilux?

The light it is that affects us, whether it is insufficient daylight, or excess illumination at night.

We have yet to catch a glimpse of the Aurora, even when it has been seen as far south as here. Not just clouds, but the glow of unnecessary street lighting.

We grew up with having a lamp to carry if you went out at night and stars in the sky....now if you do get real dark, people are afraid of it. Something tangible that yet cannot be touched.

Today has felt different..a little lifting of the heart maybe.

Something to carry us on through the next forecast snow/heavy weather at Eastertide.


Joanne Noragon said...

When I was a child there were states in the west of this country where there was little ambient light. It was dark and starry at night. It was beautiful.

Susan Heather said...

The warmth of spring must be coming (to you anyway)