Wednesday 31 May 2023


 The days are hot and dry and we are taking things steadily..enjoy each day we have.

I was fortunate to sell an expensive pair of handlebars by putting them on the "grapevine"...and by word of mouth, a friend who is a coach has bought them for one of his riders to use.  He was willing to pay a good price (still a decent bargain) plus no website fees for win?!

They went off today in the post.

I also heard from Daccordi, an Italian maker of beautiful frames...that yes, the frame I have to sell is one of theirs from about 1985 (they didn't start dating them until a couple of years later..although they have been building frames since 1937!) It is a pretty frame..and a small frame is the test of a good room for mistakes!

The weather is gradually getting after sorting the plant pots ( and putting some out at the front with a sign saying Free!) I put some shading in the greenhouse after moving plants to the cooler polytunnel.

The shading is also keeping it warmer at a smaller temperature variation.

And a rack for the pots is in construction...I design it...Pirate has to work out how to make it!!!!


Fresca said...

The bike parts/frame show such elegant, efficient engineering—
I like to see them.
And your industrious gardening!

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope your front yard cleared out.

Susan Heather said...

It is all looking very tidy.

Aimz said...

It's always good when things go smoothly, sounds like a perfect situation.

gz said...

Nothing yet, Joanne..but we are on a (dog) walking there is hope. If nothing goes I can put it on the village FB page

Steve Reed said...

Good job on moving the bike parts. I wouldn't call the weather hot -- it was 51º F (10.5º C) when I walked Olga this morning!

I can't believe you were born in Micheldever! What are the odds?! We didn't actually go into the village of Micheldever, I belatedly realized -- we were actually in Micheldever Station, which is apparently a short distance away. Seemed like a nice area, though!

Debby said...

When the two of you tidy, you really, really do it right...which makes me think of my own greenhouse and wince.

Catalyst said...

You are two busy beavers!