Friday, 16 December 2011

another week gone!

Spending life in two places is not advisable. Although it does improve one's "packing and planning for two or three days" skills!!

Winter is at last looking Wintery, with all except the valley bottom being powdered white, with increasing thickness as you gain in altitude.

Gardening is restricted to tidying, and increasing the pony manure heaps, while it isn't showering rain or snow. So far it has mainly been rain, but we do still need it as the ground water is low.
Generally the oxbow lakes in the Usk valley fill in September, but they have been dry until a fortnight ago. Places that rely on spring water are having to take care they don't draw too much.

The bisque went well, and today I've waxed the feet and rims of most of the pots in that firing.
The gas is ordered for Monday, weather permitting. If it comes early I'll be able to fire then, but it will probably arrive around luchtime, making it a Tuesday glost firing.

The last Usk Farmers' Mart before christmas is tomorrow, then nothing until the 7th of January.
Here's hoping for some good sales!
I returned from Abergavenny to find an order for mugs on facebook, and an Etsy order waiting to be sent. They are all sent, so now to pack the stock for tomorrow!


Zhoen said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I'm happy sales are picking up for you and keep fingers crossed for the market tomorrow / today in your world.

Winter solstice will soon be upon us, and I'm thinking of you. Will be lighting a candle for you and yours.

Peace, dear gz!

yeractual said...

The hassle of moving back and forth does take its J would confirm! So don't forget to take a break from time to time, you'll need it. Hope sales go well at Xmas market and bet it's looking lovely in the snow over in the Principality. Have a great time. Best.

smartcat said...


Mouse said...

Sales are good, except those that occur on Boxing Day, those sales are bad, very bad indeed...

We have no snow yet...
No snow, no ponies, sigh...

Why are you moving back and forth? I think I missed something

gz said...

Mouse I am being courted seriously...Himself would like me There all the time...but Here I have my workshop and can get on-line.

Near There, is a workshop in preparation. Getting on-line reliably is necessary for sales, and is a problem.
Also near There is where I do garden work.