Saturday, 31 December 2011

loose ends

I've just packed an order for FIVE salt pots...Wahey!!!! Have you noticed that however many boxes you already have, it is difficult to find one to fit!!

I've managed to pick up the sneezings and runny nose cold that is doing the rounds. I don't 'do' colds....unfortunately the uncomfortable throat has been sitting there for a while. I know, my body is saying "rest"....hang on, I did...and got the cold for my efforts!!

We have a Yuletide that is damp and feeling colder than it really is..not exactly joyous. Roll on 2012!


julia said...

ah but the weather is calm and quiet and just right for a winding-down year. Hopefully January will bring snow!

Kath said...

Oh you have my sympathy. I caught a cold and it's making my teeth throb :-(
Get well soon!

WOL said...

I got hold of a nasty cold that holed up in the sinuses around my left eye, made my eye very unhappy, and made me miserable. Thank goodness it seems to have shifted.
One thing I've found helps sooth my aching throat is alternating sips of some hot beverage such as tea (herbal or otherwise)or broth with some cold fruit juice.