Sunday, 4 December 2011

music while you work!!!!

I had a fairly good day of sales today at Dyffryn Gardens, so , reasonable over the weekend.
We had fairly heavy rainshowers, which brought people in to the marquee, luckily they had finished by 4pm when we packed up.

The highlight of the whole weekend was this afternoon's entertainment was music from an early music ensemble called ContraBand. They have three CDs, if I can find any video clips of them I'll link to them when I find them!!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Very Cool...glad you did well!

Bella said...

I put ContraBand into Soundcloud as they sound good, but found a genre I had never heard of; Death Rap! I guess it was not this.

smartcat said...

Congrats on a good sale. Looking forward to ContraBand

Mouse said...


gz said...

Bella, no, definitely not death rap!
Early music, i.e. a few centuries old!!