Monday, 26 December 2011

pottering on

I had a quiet day on Sunday, pootling around cleaning. Then at dusk I went to a friends' home where I was made welcome, looked after and allowed to help too. Watching presents being opened, joining conversation.
I took time out to check the pots I'd made in the new French clay, and they are looking good- all wrapped up now to get handles in a couple of days' time.

After supper we watched two episodes of "Blackadder" on the television....I will never be able to trim carrots again without thinking of Baldrick in the kitchen.....

Monday was washing day!! Washed the clothes and the greenhouse!!

I walked to the next village where there is a pub called "The King of Prussia".....It has a well painted sign, but no explanation. Luckily there is a postbox in the pub wall so there was no need to go another half mile to the post office postbox. Instead of retracing my steps along the main road, which at least has a pavement, I made a loop around the lanes.

The noise from the trunk road diminished and you could hear yourself think, feel the breeze and watch the birds. It doesn't feel like Winter! The clouds looked like rolls of raggedy trimmings from fleeces, all sorts of grey.


Zhoen said...

Sounds a lovely way to spend the day.

Do you have a cunning plan?

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

Sounds like a gentle day. We've been out - needed the fresh air, it was surprising how many folk had the same idea. But you're right - it is grey and murky - not wintery at all x

Sandy Miller said...

Sounds like a wonderful day :)

Winter is arriving here tomorrow with a fury..... of course daughter flies out.

Dru Marland said...

I wondered why too, yet again, as I drove past it. According to the pub's website, the King of Prussia (or a King of Prussia) once stayed there. ..which reminds me of the pub in Crosskeys (can't remember its name) that everyone called The Monkey becuse they used to have a monkey dancing on the piano, once long ago. Or so the story went.