Tuesday, 13 December 2011

what a day!

Today the Weather threw everything at us- rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, thunder and....sun!!

Daughter brought the Twins here by lunchtime as it was so cold and chucking down hailstones like small marbles!!
I was firing a bisque kiln, and trying not to check it too often by attempting some housework.
Not the best occupation, as The Oily One isn't too good at helping The Carpenter with housework....even though the latter is doing his best!!

So housework, apart from floor cleaning and making the living room vaguely Clone-proof, disappeared- as did cake baking too. When the kiln reached about 450 degrees C after lunch we managed a walk to the local Forest centre cafe with the buggy...and were successful in not getting wet!!

As we had supper, The Oily One did a little mending on daughter's car before she headed towards the mountains and home....just hoping that they had a good journey with not too much snow on the roads.


red dirt girl said...

(o) xxx

smartcat said...

Stay safe!

Kath said...

Our first snow shower here today, settled on the Mendips.

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Well, you are certainly keeping warm by the kiln. So much weather around just now. Glad you had a nice grandmotherly day. xxx

Peter said...

I love the combination of weather that you can get in such a short time... it certainly keeps life interesting. I guess we can have rather similar things here. I have known occasional days that get up to nearly 30 Celsius, and then follow up with a sneaky frost at night! Or a frosty night in winter with rain first thing in the morning that... re freezes on the road. We are supposed to be summer in this part of the world as I write, but are managing highs of 14 in the day this week, and a sobering looking overcast!
Isn't the weather fun!
Hope your firing goes well,
Very Best Wishes from all of us here,
Peter, Laura, and the two sleepy cats xx