Monday, 12 December 2011

back again

After three days away. I'll be glad when I can get internet access sorted there!!

The apple pressing went very well, a beautiful clear and fragrant juice, and all the crates of apples sorted over ready for the next batch.
When it became too cold we retired indoors for lunch then set to clearing the workshop where I will be working. It feels good!

Sunday was a quiet day in the gallery, some visitors by lunchtime came to see us as they were in Abergavenny for the Winter Food Festival. It was a pity about the heavy rain showers in the afternoon, can't have done their casual visitor numbers much good either.
Daughter and Family broke their journey to Yeovil at the gallery, as did The Geek.....a Family takeover of the place!! The Twins are changing so fast, I wish I could see them more often

Monday, today was the day of the funeral. I drove to Yeovil, a good clear run in reasonable traffic.
The funeral was quiet, nice music and very few words. It was good to see friends of my brother giving moral support.
The Oily One took the wheel for the drive home. rain, wind, spray, heavy traffic....he did well and thanks for that.

The Geek needed a haircut as ever! Especially as he has an internal job interview tomorrow morning back in Manchester....the lad is doing well and it is good to see him happy. I don't envy his drive up there tonight, three hours and more in this weather.

and so life goes on.


Zhoen said...

Fresh pressed apple, sounds amazing.

Mouse said...


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Relatively Retiring said...

I love your description of the pressed apple. I can almost taste it.
A good achievement, all the rest.

yeractual said...

Freshly pressed Apple Juice is one of those magical flavours - a favourite at any time, busting with sharp taste!