Sunday, 25 December 2011


I have been narrowing down the computer problems here...the W....isn't as old as I'd feared, it is x p (home version). The anti-virus is up to date.
Apart from the local competition for bandwidth, I've found that many things that this computer is trying to run are not compatible with I E, especially an ancient version of it!!

It isn't my computer, but I can make sensible would some fiery animal beginning with F be simplest, or G's metallic one beginning with Chr.....???!!

I had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon, finding a small lane, another old church, (probably mid 1200s like the church at the bottom of the garden here) and an empty cottage.
Now if I could win the lottery that would be good- a parking space, room to build a visitable workshop, a nice garden with fruit trees just needing TLC. All that and up from the flood plain too.

It feels wierd, as if Winter is waiting for the ice and snow to arrive. It doesn't feel real.
It hurts a little knowing what I have lost because of the last two hard Winters. Perhaps, though, that was meant to be, to save him a long lingering painful existence.

Meanwhile I'm looking after this cottage and having a nice quiet holiday.


yeractual said...

Sounds idyllic, wherever you are. Have a good Xmas & New Year. Best. Iain&J.

smartcat said...

Thinking of you.

Peace and Joy to you.

Andrea Ingram said...

Have fun. Lots of love. A&E

Zhoen said...


Susan said...

Wishing you a peaceful holiday in your little cottage. and a joyful new year.

Gardeningbren said...


Kath said...

Have a Cool Yule, hope 2012 brings all good things x

red dirt girl said...

Much to think on and ponder. Space to let thoughts and emotions flow through.

Being a double dragon myself, I'd always go with the fiery animal first!