Monday, 19 December 2011

Dyffryn Gardens

Are at Dyffryn House, near St. Nicholas in the Vale of Glamorgan just West of Cardiff.

Now where else would Santa Claus have visited? ;-)


yeractual said...

I googled it - looks splendid. Don't think I ever made it to St Nicholas, though I have been to the Vale, of course. Very pretty area.

Peter said...

Goodness, that is a nice wee place for Santa to have his Christmas Holiday! I've just been looking it up on the Net, and it does make our place seem a little small! Do you think they would have room for a potter or two to hide away there?
Have a restful and good Christmas; it is a strange time of year for all sorts of reasons I know, but I do hope that something of the magic of Christmas works, and brings some special joy for you.
P, L, NS, & G xx

Zhoen said...

Nick'll be there, fer shure.