Sunday, 15 April 2012

firing weekend

Everything was packed into the kiln in good time on the Friday, before being lit at 5am on Saturday. I arrived at about 9.30 and everywhere was busy! This is the first time that we had been in charge of a firing, as our mentor was away in New Zealand!!

In hindsight we were too busy with everything else going on and the four of us should have focused more on the firing!! There was baking and gardening, furniture moving and buying parts for a VW restoration....and eventually over a dozen people around!!

We missed when the cones went, and we're not sure if the pyrometer is reading correctly.....but we HAVE all learned a lot, however the pots turn out. It was good to have a reassuring visit from Wally Keeler too!!

Everything was logged as the firing went on so we should be able to draw some conclusions on Wednesday when we open and unpack the kiln.
Much digging was done by others....and planting more potatoes and red onion sets.
The sun came briefly (and went!!) and the mountains had snow showers
and the asparagus is on its way...
the walnut tree is budding...
and Francis (Drake!) likes feet!!
Most of us adjourned to a local hostelry for drinks and tapas after turning off the kiln, leaving the cooks in charge of supper and kiln cooling.
The change of scene was relaxing and needed!

In the morning, the sky was........


I helped with gardening after breakfast and harvested the last of the broccoli
some of which came home for lunchtime's Broccoli and Cheese Soup. Just right!

More vivid colour from today.

Now for a couple of days of clay sheep making before I can join in on the Kiln Opening Day!!


Kath said...

ooh lovely photos!
I do enjoy seeing all the pots in the kiln.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, gz! The brief sun photo is beautiful. For some reason my eyes are cockeyed (doing taxes) and I thought Francis was a strange looking cat. (That's what I get for frying my brain on taxes.)

Zhoen said...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH! Pots pots pots, cannot wait to see them :)

WOL said...

"Sky Blue" are my favorite blues, especially the deep cerulean. As my friend the artist says, "Yes, but which sky blue?"

John Gray said...