Thursday, 26 April 2012


Jugs and tankards and ideas for a honey pot yesterday.

There are so many interesting things to make.   You can spread too widely however and never have two of anything...
Trying to decide what to concentrate on and what should be in the usual repertoire of shapes......

More berry bowls needed and pie-crust bowls to make today.

I did go to the doctor...eventually....yesterday!!  (and she did say I should have gone six months ago...)
  Anti-biotics to deal with the last of the "little green aliens" and a blood sample for testing today....eep!!! (at least not one I have to fast before).    
I need to walk and cycle more. Even if it is raining!!  Although I draw  the line at being out in the heavy showers we're having at the moment!! One minute sun, the next it is like standing under the tap!!

   The past year has turned me upside-down mentally and physically.   Keeping "busy" is fine, but it isn't everything.


Andrea Ingram said...

I think there is something in the 'one-off' market. Exclusivity.

Don't go over-doing it, you have a trip to make soon!

Michèle Hastings said...

take care of yourself.
... really like those round fat rims on the jugs.

petoskystone said...

Resting is good, also!

Lois said...

Hoping that soon you will feel more right-side-up, it does take time.