Thursday, 26 April 2012

making even more!

After sorting the washing and the dishes and some cleaning I started my New Excercise Routine....I walked to the doctor's surgery to give the blood samples for my "MoT" tests!!    It is only a mile and I managed to get there and nearly all the way back before it rained!!  
By the time I'd processed a batch of Lime with Lemon Cordial it was time for an early lunch.

Then I managed to reach the workshop!!

It is strange having to have the workshop light on, despite working in front of a large window.  The rain showers were long and heavy but there were some sunny spells.

The latest shape is like the new coffee mugs with writing on, but with a chunky rim.
These will have "mel" written on them...."honey"!!      I have made a dozen and some will have writing and others can have interesting knobs and lugs.   When they have dried a little I'll possible paddle a couple to a hexagonal shape....very suitable for honey!!

After a teatime break, when I ordered a different clay for a special order....which could be fun!!    I made a boardful of bowls to be turned and pierced to make small berry bowls. These are selling steadily and are fun to make, a very nice combination!

I was ready to stop a little after 7pm..but wheel and tools have to be left clean.  You don't want dry clay hanging around getting dusty.
Supper was nice and quick, omelette and salad...pudding later will be a rice pudding cooked slowly this afternoon, which very conveniently helped to dry yesterday's jugs and tankards!!    The air was so damp overnight that they had hardly dried atall.

Now I'm just waiting for a phone call from The Carpenter to say that his train is nearly at our nearest station, a mile down the valley.  He was working in Swansea today so he'll look forward to a lift home instead of a walk, especially if it rains again!!


Janet said...

I love your berry bowls. And I can't wait to see you new coffe mugs.

Zhoen said...

Watch out for bears, especially bears named Pooh.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

such an absolutely cute collection of work!

Betty said...

Nice to have a peek at your workshop - it all looks very industrious. Curious now to see what the special clay order is going to be for!