Sunday, 8 April 2012


I fancied a bit of fresh air so I did the weeding in the rasberry row yesterday, and mulched with pony manure. Next will be the older gooseberry bush bed. They are straggling a bit as they've missed out on being pruned for two years....oops! I was going to grub them up, but I'll wait until they crop now everything is flowering. I'll judge by the taste!!

Today I attacked the workshop, steadily. Now I have clean wareboards and batts and one set of shelves sorted. The wheel and floor are clean too and all the kiln props tidy on their shelf.
I need to sort through the odd pieces of biscuit ware saved for glaze testing, all the assorted tubs and put a few more glaze ingredients in tubs rather than plastic bags.
With any luck my overalls and towels will be dry by tomorrow! The weather had held dry today but the hoped for rain should arrive tomorrow...well it is Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow, one should expect rain!!

Next job, sort out the next making list.

I need to make more pots with words on, although the person who was interested really wants them at a much lower price. I can't compete with large potteries making hotelware!!
She still may take some to sell even if she wont buy them for her business. Hopefully I'll see on Thursday morning.
I need to make more larger bowls and also think what will be good for the salt firing after this one.
I need to think of pots that will be suitable for other exhibitions and galleries.

Hopefully the Carpenter will be back from the Wizzard with my laptop ready to roll, and I'll be able to post pictures on here and etsy and fb to get more sales.


Anonymous said...

You offer something the large potteries can't offer, a unique artistry. I hope e news is good on Thursday.

Jenny Woolf said...

Lor this reminded me I should have pruned my gooseberry bushes. They are out of sight, out of mind.