Friday, 13 April 2012

mixed up

This was last week when the kiln was being tidied....and yesterday I was SURE that it was packing day!!

I headed off towards Abergavenny, making a detour to a possible customer...and she bought the cream jug in the middle, and will have a laminated picture of the range on her pub wall, with price list and contact details!! It is a beautiful place and they haven't spoilt the building atall, just done what is needed .
I've heard that the food is really good there and that they cater for veggies that is earmarked for a special meal out sometime!!

Even though it wasn't packing day, I still had time to socialise with my newest friend....

May I introduce Slinky Malinky!!! A six month old gentleman with a huge sense of fun and inquisitiveness....

I took advantage of being in the area and took a stock check on my work in the Court Cupboard Gallery.
Alan the Stained Glass maker was on duty-good to meet another member for the first time...and good to see him selling four of my pots!!

It started raining lightly as I left there and it carried on as I shopped in Abergavenny.
The colours as I drove home were stunning- dark skies and sunshine, brilliant yellow rape fields and the bracken on the hills a glowing rust colour.

Then as I went through Cwm y Glyn to Hafodrynys....large wet snowflakes!! I went over the end of Mynydd Maen Common to avoid the traffic and it was all wet as after heavy rain. The views across the valleys as I came down above where Hafod Fach used to be were spectacular, with bright sunshine, rainbows and snow!!
The sight of steamclouds rising up the narrow vally at Sychpant above Spiteful opposite Cwmcarn was breathtaking- and no place to stop and photograph!

Soon after I arrived home we had a thunderstorm and it rattled around the mountains for quite a long I wasn't going to turn the computer on then!!
The Carpenter arrived a little after me, having had the exhilarating (?!!) experience of driving over three inches of hailstones on the way home from Cardiff.....!!

Still we can't the area of Bala and Dolgellau they had a sudden surprise fall of six inches of snow....roads blocked, traffic stuck, as the snow ploughs couldn't cope!!


The Cranky Crone, she lives alone! said...

This day sounds just wonderful, our weather is like a lucky dip at the moment and so exciting. I was loving the sunset last night, on one side of my house, there were dark nearly purple clouds, with sun rays breaking through underneath, and on the otherside sunshine rainbow and blue sky, made me feel so alive and in the moment.
Fantastic pots!

cookingwithgas said...

the pieces are lovely.
And your new friend looks like a sleeping bear!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Absolutely cute creamer indeed, and I love your brushwork on there :)

Bella said...

The weather can be fun at this tine of year, so long as there is shelter. (I am glad to see you have photographs to accompany your stories now).

Kath said...

I wanted to reach out and cwtch that little cat..

Zhoen said...

Lovely pots, respectful publicans, and a new furry friend. Black cats are the smartest, of course.