Friday, 20 April 2012

new look blogging

It is all there, as before....just in different places, as if someone has done a springclean and tidy.

I'm finding all the old things, slowly!!

The Carpenter's comment was that it looked more like the word processing bit of the computer....

I made a dozen small jugs yesterday, and they were still tacky damp this morning. It is all chill and damp again.

The Carpenter took the remains of his car to the local scrapyard today and received £100 for it!!  With that and the parts that he has and will be selling, it was certainly worth not letting the insurance company keep it six weeks ago!!
Now what do we have to do to persuade The Oily One to do the same with one of his (the unmendable one) ?
Then we had a morning out to pay bills and pay his cash into the bank! I think we had the best of the day- bright sunshine, but black clouds as well that later brought rain and hail.

I must go and make some more jugs as I'm running a little low on them.  I've got so many ideas and a couple of orders, but my get up and go is still sluggish.  Give me a bit of nice warm weather please....and the rain at night!!


smartcat said...


Kerry O'Gorman said...

I found it a bit frustrating at first and still haven't been able to post videos except with a link...not a perfect blogger world after all! Safe journey.

farmlady said...

I wish you a nice warm day with lots of sunshine. It's coming.

Peter said...

It is a strange part of "modern" life, that the "old heap" that once cost big money to have taken away by someone and scrapped, now can be a source of income!! I guess that they will all turn into reinforcing steel for huge tower blocks in China. Funny old world isn't it!
I should have stored all my previous vehicles and released them to the scrap market when the price was right!

I see a lovely iron glaze on a milk jug on your etsy site, really beautiful.

gz said...

Thankyou Peter.

I've not had problems adding photos, I've read others commenting about the problems with videos

Cro Magnon said...

Strange; it all looks the same to me!

Shaheen said...

I so agree about the weather - rain at night and warm weather during the day, or at least dryish.