Friday, 27 April 2012

rain and inspiration

It is raining steadily and reasonably heavily too.
It should be easing off by this afternoon...for 24 hours...then it is forecast wet and windy and cold with easterly winds. 

Today's work in Abergavenny will be indoors not out!

Yesterday's work is just sitting there, almost as freshly thrown.  I need to make some pencil pots and bud vases but until these dry enough to be finished there is no point!

The Carpenter is having the stitches out of his ear today.  His hand still isn't right. The receptionist's response on Tuesday (when he made the stitch removing appointment) was "go back to A+E". (actually the best advice as it should save him a few weeks waiting...but surely should have been said in a less dismissive manner)  I think it at least needs X raying again now that the initial swelling has subsided.   With so many small bones in hands and feet, something could easily be missed. 

His bike needs a new frame and back wheel and I have doubts about the chainset.  The derailleur was scuffed, I don't know if that is bent. Other components are scuffed as well.      As no-one has the driver's details the Motor Insurers' scheme kicks in...which covers loss of work and treatment.   Probably it only does this as too many people tried to take advantage, therefore the genuine ones lose out.

The inspiration?.......Make a lot of small tiles.......use all the old stoneware glaze tests, making sure that every one is marked with the test code.       Sell them!! (all but one of each)    Then if anyone comes back with an order, I'll know which glaze to use!!!


Chris said...

Clever with the tiles Gwynneth. I wondered if you made tiles. Saw some gorgeous Victorian tiles yesterday at a local reclamation yard that were v. expensive.

Cro Magnon said...

Perfect weather for sitting in A & E, and reading ancient copy of Nat' Geog'.

gz said...

Cro, there is no reading matter in case of germs!!

Chris I used to make tiles when I made earthenware slipware. I'll get some thin shelves to go with the tile setter that The Carpenter gave me so that I can fire a stack of tiles instead of taking up all the shelf space in the kiln!!

Stonehead said...

The Motor Insurer's scheme wouldn't pay out after I was knocked off my bike a few years ago. As I was the only witness to the incident, they questioned whether it actually happened. Well, how else did I get a fractured collar bone, cuts, scrapes and severe bruising down my right arm, right hip, right leg and right ankle? Was I hit by an imaginary white van that swerved into me? To say I'm not impressed would be an understatement.

gz said...

that is bad, Stoney. That is why we join British Cycling.If the one wont cover you the other will. Although that could happen to you as a pedestrian and you'd still have nothing.