Monday, 30 April 2012


The Carpenter had the last of his stitches removed today...looks quite tidy!
I took him to work after that and on to work myself- sheep heads today.

I'm quite pleased that I've sold six pots in the pottery in St Ffagans in just under three weeks. Seeing as numbers are down and most of them are not spending, that is good.

We had to stop on the way home to top up the radiator....again..but at least the leak is obvious- two seals already replaced, and this one is by the thermostat.Now to get The Oily One to get round to actually doing it.....
Bread (started this morning) and pasties baked this evening after work.  They'll go in the freezer in the morning.

Too busy.


TropiClay Studio said...

I feel your pain with the radiator. I have a leak now that requires a couple of liters every ten miles or so.

Bella said...

I am glad to here your man is on the road to recovery. I prefer dissolving stitches myself. For some reason the idea of having them pulled out is worse than having them out in - don't ask me why!

Did the POlice catch up with the culprit of this hit and run?

P.S. Congratulation on the sales. Most artists I know say they seem to be becoming more and more precious as folk get poorer.

gz said...

Bella, they were dissolving stitches- but in his ear they considered it better they were taken out after a week or so. His hand is still not good enough to drive, but at least the bruising in his wrist is beginning to show...some very pretty colours!! The police haven't found the driver- and he wasn't "hit and run", but "leaving the scene of an incident without leaving his details". No-one died. They wont be doing any more unless The Carpenter can find the car.