Thursday, 30 December 2010

A better day

I journeyed to Hay this morning through white fog. It makes you aware of different things as what you usually see is hidden.

The stone flags of the floor were wet, condensation was dripping and my newspaper just got damp from the air!! At least we had a roof, so missed out on the fine rain!!

Hay was surprisingly busy, it was good to see local people out and about. All the sales today were from the Bargain Corner!! Sales are Sales! This makes more room for new work.
I must look at the pots on the shelves here at what else can I sell??!!

All the other craftworkers were talking about how to diversify or add value to what they sell.

Everyone is feeling the pinch, market people, shopkeepers and customers.

Still, I made enough for it to be worthwhile carrying on, and still feel positive.

The Carpenter is feeling more positive too, and is making decisions!


English Rider said...

Optimism is key. Glad things went better today.

Zhoen said...

Happy New year gz. May you prosper.