Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Form Gallery, Blaenafon

They're looking good!-left of centre in the window, candle pots, candle lamps and reindeer!! in Blaenafon, home of some very good work (not just mine!)
Sunday morning in Blaenafon, home also to the World Heritage Centre (Iron Works) and where they held the Winter Wonderland last weekend, complete with real Reindeer.
The crafts and food were in a marquee which had been set up in a car park, next to a mini ice rink. It was fine with the sun on the tent, but once the sun went behind buildings we froze!!
We were all glad to see 4pm and packing up time.


madpotter1 said...

Your luminaries look grand in the front window!!
What a beautiful gallery on a very inviting street.

Good Sales Gwynneth!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh gosh, it is totally beautiful and Christmassy :)