Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow Walk, Cwmcarn

This is the hill I failed to drive up- looks fairly innocuous- but see where the valley bottom is and the slope the road crosses!!
I've put these photos on in reverse. It is a job to think backwards!
Daisy Park, Cwmcarn
Path along the top of "Lloydy's fields"
Looking down across "Lloydy's Fields" above Tribute Avenue, Cwmcarn
Fire road
Quad bike tracks
Mountain Man's hill- I'm not going to try to drive up today!
Going North to Abercarn
Cwmcarn looking North
Cwmcarn looking South
Bathroom view!

1 comment:

Kerry O'Gorman said...

What a lovely, winter wonderland! I would like some of your snow's been a deluge of rain here for weeks although today is clear and snow is in our forecast...
Happy Christmas gz.