Thursday, 16 December 2010

feeling dissuaded

Son in Law has sorted the website, thankfully.
Unfortunately calls me arrogant as I phoned at Twins' Bedtime. I just got the time wrong.
The number of times I've NOT phoned as I thought the time was wrong...and got called being not interested in their welfare!

I think THEY have to learn to phone ME for a change!!

So, despite having instructed me to forward everything about the website to him, he will now have no more to do with it.

Over to the Geek Wizzard...!!

Hay was ok today, eight degrees C at first!! It soon chilled and got gusty! So not much sales, but better than none.

The snow and hail showers didn't catch up with me until Crickhowell on the way home.
We are forecast snow and suchlike overnight, possibly not until daytime in this corner of Wales.

So Mountain Man might not come down tomorrow.

If only he would let me go up......

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