Sunday, 26 December 2010

cold workkshop

That says 5 is dead cold in the workshop
and this is on the inside!!
I've left the pyro on to see how cold it does get to inside the kiln in comparison with the outside temperature. I haven't been brave enough to venture out at night, yet! Still, it appears to stay considerably warmer.

The weather is set to change again this afternoon, going colder again and possibly wet.

I like cold and wet even less.


soubriquet said...

Mine said -6 today. And the clay's like granite, and the water pipe's been leaking, so there was a 2" thick build-up of ice which I chiselled off the floor. Good thing I was only looking in for a moment. Gave my wheel a few seconds of spin to remind it...
The lottery damn well cheated me again, so bleh!

Back to reality.

Never give up.

gz said...

As my dad always said...back to Plan B!!
I've got my stoneware clay in the kitchen-good thing in one way that I've only a couple of bags left...bad thing, VAT is going up.
What is your outside temperature?

soubriquet said...

Outside temperature today was dizzyingly tropical, it climbed to minus one.
But over the last few days it's been deeper into the minuses, with -12 or -13 being an overnight sort of norm.
More snow today, cloud blanket. Slightly warmer.
And I had to go in to work to deal with a burst fire-sprinkler pipe. Got drenched in black (Black iron oxide) freezing water... Whilst twenty feet up a ladder, swaying in space with a spanner in one hand.
And then keep on working and getting wet as the snow fell, for seven hours.
I want to be a potter, and work in a nice warm pottery, near a toasty kiln....

gz said...

So do I !!!
Steady rain here now.
Hope this doesn't freeze.
At least the car has been serviced apart from the oil.