Wednesday, 29 December 2010

pre-spring cleaning!

The house is slowly looking better, despite all the slush outside.

Outside is not worth seeing,it is all foggy and damp.

I am worried about The Carpenter. He hasn't enough self-employed work, so must face signing on again. Meanwhile he stays up longer and longer and gets up later and later. I know it is the early signs of depression. It looks like he might be turning the corner and sorting things, but it is hard to have to stand back and watch.

The pot stocktake progresses, and I have had some enquiries via facebook, having posted links to my flickr account. No firm sales or commissions yet.
They all need to be sorted and back in the boxes by tonight, as, weather permitting I'm off to the market at Hay tomorrow. I don't know if I'll sell much, but I need to go often enough to retain my 'patch' which is a good one!

Tea drunk, blog done, post checked.....back to the grind!!

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soubriquet said...

I've battled depression myself, so I know how he feels, perhaps how you feel, seeing it and trying to break through that wall that surrounds the victim. No easy answers, no instant fixes, but I know, all the time I was struggling, there were people who loved me, people who cared, and that gave me something to hold on to, that even if I found it hard to value myself, others saw in me something worthy, something worth cherishing.
Being hammered by people not wanting what you can do, not wanting to pay for your skills, is hard. But the truth is that we're in hard economic times, all of us handworkers, carpenters, potters, we get pushed a bit more to the "later, when money's not so tight" column.

Me? Well, i'm no longer self employed, I get paid regularly, and don't too much fear that my job will come to an end, my hourly rate is not great, but it keeps me afloat. I could have left, got paid over twice as much, a couple of years ago. I chose to stay with lower money, more self determination, less stress. I'm glad I did, because the company that sought to 'poach' me, national, well respected, shiny vans, big advertising... went bust a few months ago.
So I plod on in my not so big world, I feel some satisfaction in what I do.
Your carpenter, he has skills that stem back to when man first made tools. He's capable of making things that last. Let him know you're proud of him, and..... keep him busy!