Wednesday, 8 December 2010

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I managed to escape from the icy confines of Mid-West Wales!

It was good to stay with Daughter and Family, but visits get awkward on both sides after three days. I love to help but it gets to the point where you don't want to do something the wrong way...and then you get bad vibes for not doing something when not asked, or told how they want it done. Ho hum. That is families!!

They followed me down, as they had a funeral to go to the next day. When I arrived home at lunchtime, the Carpenter was still abed!! (despite being warned of impending Sister!!)
So a mad tidyup ensued, but this was still not good enough for Daughter and Husband. Also it is all my fault for letting them all clutter the house .....they haven't tried stopping them...No just doesn't work, and I hate arguments. Then I had the delight of giving up my own room and sharing another with the Twins. When they slept, I hardly did....then they woke at 4am wanting to play!!

Hay was cold and a bit snowy but enjoyable. We all packed up a little early. I stayed on the biggest roads on the way home and called to check on stock in Beacons Crafts in Brecon. Closed all day!

Daughter and Family went straight home after the funeral....we are in their bad books!! Even though they had places to go on the way home on the Friday.

They had some effect though, as The Carpenter has put the units back in the kitchen and is making progress in the bathroom.

He would be happier if he was being paid for what work he is doing. He is owed above £2.5k. Which he is being paid slowly, as the one he works for is being paid by the next company who contracted out the work... something similar to a house-buying and selling chain....

I've just done two Christmas Fairs....dire. I think it has mainly been cancelled this year

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Hawthorn said...

Families are like that, don't let it worry you, you might find that what ever you did it would not live up to their expectations. Just be true to yourself and be who you are and not what others want you to be.