Sunday, 12 December 2010

a more restful day

Six o'clock rising got missed, so the kiln went on today at 7.15 am!
The regulator worked after having had a rubber hot water bottle placed over it!
The Geek had arrived late on Friday night, unannounced, and it was good to talk over coffee after he had awoken. The Oily One went off to work, the washing went out on the line in the sun.

The kiln behaved well-hopefully the results will be good in the morning. Some should be reserved for salt firing, and with luck I will have enough for a glaze firing as well. It was finished before lunchtime, so I hope it didn't fire too fast- and I was worrying about it firing atall!

The Geek has a bit of work to do now (along with a full time job as a computer geek, buying a house and keeping girlfriend happy!) as my website has been spammed and I cannot access my emails there. At least I have alternatives.

After lunch Mountain Man was down here, and it was good to be talking together.

The geek went home- to Manchester via Bristol!! I should think he will have had a good journey.
Last week Sheffield had a foot of snow in an afternoon-just the other side of the Pennine Hills.
Who knows what next week will bring.

The sun dipped behind the mountain on the other side of the valley, and it was time to take Mountain Man home. I managed the steep road well, even where the steepest part at the top had refrozen after only a few minutes out of the sun. The trip down was....interesting. Stop before the white bit on the road, then first gear and don't touch the pedals!!

I will NEVER become blase or overconfident about driving up or down this mile of road.

Supper is ready now,and having read The Mouse's latest posting I feel happier and might even do some baking tomorrow afternoon!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Yes, unusual for Britain to have so much snow, huh? Here in northern NY were are getting pounded with snow every day, but that is the usual :) best wishes!

gz said...

Not that we used to have as much as you are getting, but we DID used to have decent snow in Winter!! People have forgotten, or got used to not having it