Monday, 13 December 2010

paper day

Yesterday the kiln firing went well-the regulator worked, thanks to a hotwater bottle wrapped in a towel!
The pots looked ok today, apart from the bottom of a small stack of small plates. I haven't unpacked, just peered in.

This morning I have been attacking the tide of general paperwork. Plastic mushroom trays to the rescue!! Using them means that had I stopped halfway I could have stacked them neatly out of the way. Also being in trays meant that separate heaps didn't converge!

By midday I had finished, and the financial advisor from Taste for Enterprise came to see exactly where I work.
The business plan is complete, so if I am in a position to apply for grants I am prepared.
He agreed with Mountain Man- ease back on the markets, find the right gallery or shop, do more online.
To which end I've just signed up to paypal...hopefully all will go smoothly. When I know that is working I can move on to Etsy.

Hopefully the spam problem on my website has been fixed, by having the spam content removed and the "stable door bolted"!. No, I don't understand it. As the spam content took it over its content limit I can't access it, probably until next month. This why the Geek Wizzard is supposed to be looking after it. I just wish he would communicate with me!!

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