Saturday, 25 December 2010

shopping trip

Shopping was needed, and the car has mysteriously lost its radiator contents whilst being stood for a week in the snow. (no sign of them beneath the car either).
So needs must walk.
Going down Factory Trip. (to where there used to be a Flannel weaving factory)
Going from Pontywaun down into Crosskeys with the wind whipping the snow along the rooves. (or is that roofs?)
Blown snow like sugar frosting
The shop car park. "pure as the driven slush". Walking was fine until here.
I filled my back pack and bag and headed home. It is only a five mile round trip and I enjoyed most of it. People who wouldn't usually pass the time of day, talked!
The consensus was that people have been complaining about not having a "proper" Winter-and now that it is still here they are still complaining! Also younger people will now have an idea of what their elders have been talking about!!
It still isn't as much snow as I have experienced in past years, but it is still a joy to some and great difficulty to others.

I was still glad to be offered a lift home for the last mile, in a large van...Thankyou Spannerman!
Back home and the clouds lifted...typical!
Good to be back in the warm....baking time!!

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