Thursday, 2 December 2010

car progress

Wednesday morning I found that the garage's problems had been solved by 5pm ...but they didn't think I'd like to drive for 2 and a half hours in MORE snow!! Bless!

I had an interesting drive home, leaving two hours ahead of Daughter and family...lucky they didn't leave it any longer, or they wouldn't have got through one place which was fine when I came through.

I arrived to a house that was cold, had had NO housework done since I'd left...the fact that both had been working was NO excuse!! They also knew that the sight of the house still in a mess, cluttered and with work still not done in kitchen and bathroom would be met with strong disapproval from Daughter and Spouse....

That disapproval came my way too- as if I hadn't done what I physically could myself, and as if I hadn't asked them to pull their weight much so that after staying one night they went straight home from visiting other people instead of staying a second night.
Consequently they missed seeing the progress made by The Carpenter whilst I was at Market in Hay.

The place is reasonably tidy, clean, and kitchen cabinets are where they should be. Progress has been made in the bathroom. More clutter has been binned.

Their loss, my gain.

The roads themselves were clear this morning, but after more snow showers we all decided to pack up a little early and go the longer, main road way home. From Brecon onwards the snow increased and the worst was from the Heads of the Valleys road down to home.

The new saltglaze bowls looked good on the stall. I didn't sell much, but it helped to get organized for the Farmers' Market on Saturday in Usk and the Christmas Fair on Sunday in Blaenafon

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