Thursday, 9 December 2010

wasted day?

Today at Hay I sold nothing.

Possibly a wasted day.

However I found a proper metal paraffin can for Mountain Man for£2.

I checked the stock at Beacons Crafts in Brecon.

I showed my face at CRiC in Crickhowell. No sales yet, but it looks good.

All things that needed doing.

Today has been cold, but quite sunny. I saw many good pictures, but no chance to stop and photograph!


English Rider said...

In the art world, that kind of day should be recognized as part of your P.R. or advertising budget. It doesn't sound wasted to me.

herhimnbryn said...

Hang in there. Plod on! Your work in the craft shop window looked lovely. Hope you get some sales soon.

gz said...

agreed ER. Unfortunately untill I sell, I have nothing to budget with!!

English Rider said...

I should have added that I have participated in gallery shows and trade fairs with no more results than you described. Sore feet, empty wallet, forced smile included. The emptiness we experience is not all theoretical. I hope that sounds more sympathetic:)