Thursday, 30 June 2011

car!!!! yet again

Yesterday turned out quite well.
Eventually I made it to the garden for some light weeding...and with planting the cucumbers in the greenhouse, tidying a bit and talking to allotmenteers on the way turned out to be an hour longer than planned!

Thankfully I have the promise of a second job referee, so the application for a part time gallery job was delivered, on the way to delivering more pots to the Court Cupboard Gallery near Abergavenny.

As we started from there, something happened to the ignition...the key turned too far, and I seemed to have blown fuses...but once it was in the right position, the starter motor turned off and we were on the way to see friends who breed ponies above Merthyr Tydfil.
The weather turned wet again, but tea, cake and chat was good.

Then we went to leave....looks like the barrel of the ignition switch is coming apart, which has killed the electrical bit. Luckily The Oily One was with me, and our friend has experience of this with his old Landrover. A Large Screwdriver was produced, the car started...and no stopping the engine until we got home.

So the day that started slowly and turned out better didn't carry on so well.

Then in the minute after midnight I received a text with good news from a friend..another good start at least!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

gallery job? good luck!

Jo said...

Gah about the car but good about the good stuff