Thursday, 2 June 2011


The cordial turned out fine, if rather sweet. I'll add more lemon juice when I serve it, as well as diluting.

Half the garden!
Where the plastic is, is now a new bean row, with leeks between that and the shallots
Aquilegia...or Cap Nain Propor...or Granny's Bonnets...or Columbine to, I think!
Today's achievement..all dug over, edged, compost in the celery trench and celery planted. Also flat leaved parsley in the right foreground, at the edge of the path
It would have helped if when the upgrade was done, they had told me WHERE to find all my photos and things!!


yeractual said...

Wow.....sure looking good from here. Looks like you'll have a good harvest. J always makes/made cordials too, esp when we had a surfeit of Black & Redcurrants - ie. every year! She hoovered up the Strawbs with cream generally and our Rhubarb was a bit of a wash-out up there.

Anonymous said...

V gd 2 c pics ~ oops, sorry, thought I was texting for a minute. My strawberries never get as far as the house! They're rather watery this year.

gz said...

they'll be better for some sun!

Kath said...

It makes me wonder why manufacturers add so many colourants to our food and drinks, when nature supplies the most delicate and mouth watering shades of her own.

Anonymous said...

I love your garden and the cordial looks wonderful and has made me thirsty! My son has a lovely celery plant growing in his patch of garden; unfortunately our dog has taken a fancy to it and it has become his favourite place to 'go'. So no-one will be eating it, lol!