Monday, 20 June 2011

one month

I'm doing the glaze firing that we'd discussed, right now. Still feels odd, as if it is no time since Col went, yet it is a whole month. It feels good, tweaking the firing as he'd suggested, and seeing things go better!

The rain is back again for the rest of the week, and I'm hoping that the low pressure wont slow the firing too much. The kiln seems to use less gas when its high atmospheric pressure and just be easier to fire.

I paid in my cheque for sales at Court Cupboard. As I'd decided to go to Cwmbran instead of Newport for a change,to pay bills, I went to see Llantarnam Grange gallery. I received another fresh cheque!!...back into the bank straight away!!! Some of my work was being put out on a new display too, so hope that means more sales.

I'm looking for another shop/gallery that isn't too far to restock, but that wont overlap with where I am already. I looked at some in Ross on Wye on Saturday and I've heard of one in Hereford. You have to think where are there people who will buy, or where will people who will buy visit.... ideally I'd have a shop at home, but I don't think I'd have many sales here.
Apart from anything else the parking is difficult, and the nearest railway station is a mile distant!!

Time to go out in the rain again to check the kiln in the workshop!!

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