Saturday, 4 June 2011


The garden was better for the little rain we had, but we could still do with more- at night, of course!
The rain didn't last long, but was enough to settle the dust.

I caught up with planting out brassicas and lettuce this afternoon and it was good to have The Carpenter's company after a little while . I felt rather lonely as no-one else was gardening..probably something to do with rugby....!! (Wales vs The Barbarians)
He cut the rest of the grass on his patch over the stream and tidied his drainage ditch so that it isn't a quagmire after the next heavy rain!
His oak trees are coming along nicely.

I harvested enough strawberies to cover the bottom of a plastic mushroom tray, the last of the leeks and spring onions (the next lot are about half an inch high!) enough spinach for two of us and two small cos lettuces.

We called time on gardening as the wind dropped and the midges started biting. All that lovely daylight left and we can't carry on gardening!!!

Pricking out and potting up awaits for tomorrow, whatever the weather and picking currants if it is still dry, if the birds have left any!


ladyofclay said...

Sorry to read of your loss - Just now catching up with some blog reading

Anonymous said...

glad you had some company Xx.

yeractual said...

We, too, have had some rain. A downpour, including hail, yesterday evening. As expected, of course, it didn't start until after we'd finished watering everything! But all clear and a fresh feel in the air today. Most refreshing.

WOL said...

No rain here. Just windy and hot -- in the high 90's (37-38C) At least it's too hot for mosquitos -- or pretty much anything else, come to that.