Monday, 27 June 2011

walk, Lymm

A place of contrasts...from private roads, to stone carvings on the buttress of old cottages
Then Victorian villas, still as an individual home with gardens and stables
to brick built stone fronted terraces
Weavers cottages with the loft above for working in
and more Georgian workers' cottages opposite
shop and warehouse and stables

more old terraces, with a 1980s house built where once a 1950s garage was..and that was built on a garden...

bungalow suburbia

and a cutting through the red sandstone ("Old", Permian I think, with the darker colour and purply beds in places )
and the original village , bunting out for the village festival, road going down to the mill pond in the centre


Linda Starr said...

whenever I see earth like that I want to try using it with clay.

Michèle Hastings said...

beautiful buildings, great photographs. thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful walk, thanks for sharing. I love the stone carving! What a characterful place.