Thursday, 16 June 2011


Those are the four corners of the garden.
I awarded myself a whole day in the garden on Tuesday as the weather set fine and the forecast for the rest of the week was doubtful!
Three compost bins moved and contents spread or turned, and the patch that has been the compost site for two years dug over. Next year's strawberry bed, I think!!
The wooden compost bin is waiting to be dealt with.
The Old Shed on the left and Dad's greenhouse on the right. The stream behind is about six foot further than the rear of these and the stream bed is about five foot lower.You can see the wooded slope rising steeply on the other side of the stream.
Time to go home, as the evening sun lights up the trees further down the allotments.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

beautiful - to see such a productive plot full of memories and plans. x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your garden x

Sandy Miller said...

So wonderful to see others gardens!
thanks for the tour, I loved it!

I have a very hard time splitting time between the pottery and garden so a full day is a treat; sure do enjoy my time in both places.