Sunday, 5 June 2011

yet more gardening!

A full day's work today has tamed most of the"jungly"bits that have been neglected for a couple of months. The rasberry row and the main strawberry bed need a little more weeding, but don't look overgrown!
The pricking out didn't get done, but the currant picking did, red, white and black. To the accompaniment of blackbird alarm calls!! It looks like I have rodents picking and storing currants, strawberries and gooseberries...they store the unripe berries!

Now all the bushes are clear of weeds I'll be losing less! I think I'll prop up the gooseberry branches too.

Now I think I'll only have to put in an hour a day...trouble is once you are there, you don't watch the clock!!

Roll on New Shed and Greenhouse Extension!!

It still hasn't settled to any decent amount of rain yet, just sprinkles to settle the dust.


Kath said...

hello gz, how do you stop the raspberries suckering? Mine shoot up all over the garden, in unwanted places, middle of shrubs etc...
They were planted by the last owners. I'd like to keep some, but don't know if it's possible to contain them to a certain area?

WOL said...

My lavender bush is going great guns, and I have a bumper crop of weeds. And those (insert expletives of choice) "tree of heaven" seedlings are all over everywhere.

gz said...

Kath, you don't/can't!!
You do need *some* !! but otherwise you just have to keep digging them up.
You could put a barrier in, like proper roof slates,buried in the ground, but in my experience that only slows them not stops them!!

Lori Buff said...

Gardening is a lot like potting, no wonder so many potters are also gardeners.